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Default Re: Mercury In Amalgams and Vaccinations - Genocide In North America

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Actually, the evidence is pointing to Autism being either a purely genetic condition, or a genetic condition with an as yet unidentified environmental trigger. The recent increases in diagnosis are and artifact of improved diagnostic techniques and the lessening stigma attached to the disorder, which is resulting in more children coming in to be diagnosed and treated. The same is happening with many mental disorders, such as bi-polar, because they are better understood conditions now.
Your kind of missing the point man. Sure the actual disease autism might be a genetic condition with unidentified enviromental trigger but alot of the time children who are adversly effected by mercury are just diagnosed as being autistic when they would be perfectly fine if they were never bombarded with mercury. Oh and by the way, I don't think the bi-polar rates are going up what so ever.. so that just debunks your theory.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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