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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

as an engineer with a photographic memory, and the regular retreating into my own head to visualise a new concept, build, it, and spin it..then shout "bullshit" at the appropriate "authority, I feel your pain.

I've got a really good idea for a book...I can play it in my head...would look great.

Can I write it ?

Only in the "scientific method"
Yeh, theres one good book in all of us.

I prefer scripts as I can visualise the camera etc...

It's very interesting, peoples learning styles. I need the "big picture" first and then i fill in the gaps. I am not a "wrote learner". I need to know the goal and then the pieces join one by one.

Shame the idiot education system cant get it.

Is this chap saying the Putin is offering a solution to the war, that will prevent the "NWO"'s plan for a third world war, or the US Prez plans to control the oil etc.
Appears so. People seem to believe that Putin and Co are onto the Zionist Oligarchs and has sent a few packing back to Israel.

I dont buy it.

I have no privelidged access into the minds of these people but the internet and the growing anti-globalist movement has gathered such strength that surely our Elite masters are having a rethink with appropriate theater?

The key, if "they" are to pull off a decisive war of terror that will finally push people into the arms of one world government, is a "high moral ground".

I'm just wondering which of these "fractured" elements of the NWO and their view of it, has any "moral ground" to stand on these days? After all, the internet inparticular is PACKED with info and sites like Rense are near the TOP of the most visited sites. Can they pull it off?

My problems are many and maybe thats because it is'nt so simple?

Is not the Bush family FAMED for their lackey status to the U.S arm of the European Banking Houses? Have they "revolted"?

So many questions, so little time.

Also, the notion that the U.S can invade ANYONE at this time has me SO pissed off! Time and again we hear of the U.S about to "invade" Iran or Syria or who ever. The U.S had had NO capacity to invade ANYONE since they set foot in Iraq. It is logistically impossible and yet TIME and AGAIN it is repeated adinfunatim on websites. Why push this? Stan Goff is the ONLY commentator I have read who has consistently debunked this.

If anything will happen it will be tactical nukes and airpower.

From the day Georgy Porgy got in he has been behaving in a way GAURANTEED to constellate the Left and smooth the way not for a "fascist" but "benevolent socialist" government with the police state powers of a hard core Commie one. Of course they ar'nt responsible for that...that "fascist" neo-con element is...they'll just keep it.

Also, explain to me Colin Powel? Helped the setup and jumped ship. His work was done...Blue Hat internationalist to the core. And Wolfowitz? Off he went too, straight to the World Bank...thanx for coming. And who's left sucking his thumb with his hand in the cookie jar?

Whatever the final road map...cant wait till it's over coz the suspense is killing me.

Also, if you do want someone to help with the compilation of books, I can do it. Copyright, proof read, and technical writing is among a few of the many things I get up to in my dreary life. kinky stuff mind you:-x Do I get to keep my soul :-P

Will get back.

( if we can leave the thinging bit out, as I have agreed with Henry, not to discuss it)
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