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Hi I just read through all of this post and I have Asperger's Syndrome so it really caught my attention above all other posts when I found this website. I don't believe what Eire was saying was drivel.

I have read what he posted quite some time ago now on the Official BBC news website and other Official and legitimate media news websites,

I must admit I did have some difficulty understanding some of what Eire was saying. I honestly think using words that are not used commonly was unnecessary, to get your point across. It just seems to be literary elitist behavior in my opinion.

As to the cause to Autism that I would really love to know.

I do think it is a hereditary condition. I do not believe it is a disease or a disorder but that is just my personal opinion I have. I believe it is hereditary because my father and his 5 brothers all have varying degrees of Asperger's Syndrome. They all admit they have it too.

I also got officially diagnosed by my neurologist last year. Before that my parents, medical professionals, extended family and friends were convinced I had Aspergers Syndrome. Turns out there assumptions were correct

I suppose this topic distracted me. Sorry if I am going off topic a bit here I'll explain more about myself in the introductions area. Thank you.
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