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When we have people such as JFK, JFKjr, Diana, Marilyn, who are MURDERED by 'them', what is the little guy supposed to do? This, Draken, is why in the US you either become a "ever-lovin", "kick their ass", type of USA citizen---or---you turn to God and announce that he is 'all powerful', and he 'controls everything', 'no one can do anything to me'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking down God. I'm saying that people feel helpless and fearful when they see such tragedies orchestrated by 'them'. News like this travels fast to other countries. This is why they hate us, this is why they do not want the US of A to be the 'world leader'.

When such things happen because of state of the art technology that can control the instrument panel in your car, truck, and yes: PLANE, or by invisible flying planes/missiles/other objects to make something like this happen, what are the average joe and jane to do? Often times, the idea for a 'Voice' plan gets pushed back, and people don't want to make 'waves'. They are afraid to question things, even amongst themselves. I am one of those people that would be one of the numbers TO GO to our political and intelligence figures to have questions answered, or at least some feedback. Maybe its because I am by myself, older, no children of my own. But others who are in a family household are afraid to even read this stuff on the internet. They are afraid, period.

Such beautiful, intrumental, powerful people--
murdered by the EVEN MORE 'powerful'!!!

This was a great thread Draken! I gave you 5 stars. Helen
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