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Default Re: Physics Forum against free speech

Sorry, i blew it.

Could'nt contain myself.

This is Russ, the Super Mentor: Since you have now confirmed our suspicions that you believe that WTC7 (and, you implied, WTC1 & 2) were felled in a controlled demolition, the term "conspiracy theory" does apply and this thread is not one about engineering. Moving to skepticism and debunking.
Me/Noddy: Just WHICH experts are you refering to?

It took months for the "experts" to come up with the ...quote..."truss theory".

The look on the building designers face says it all in the interview conducted after the collapse.

Answer my questions Russ....Super Mentor.

You cannot.

You and the rest of your ilk are the "specialized" idiot class who would believe Noddy and Big Ears flew into those towers because a government "expert" told you so.

I've finished playing with you.

Twas fun.
They managed to avoid answering a SINGLE one of my REASONABLE doubts on their version of events.

That proves Da Nile is DEFINATELY MORE than a river in Egypt.

It's better to just live by ..."those that have ears will listen".

Perhaps it's a new "evoloutionary" thing whereby individuals able to penetrate the cloud of lies and deciet will better able to survive and reproduce in the coming years.

Slowly the Earth will be replaced by a new species of "free thinking" humanoids.

We can only hope.

Bet they've taken the thread down now!
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