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Default Georgia develops nuclear weapon

Some time ago it was reported that Georgia is going to create its own nuclear weapon, but Georgian government denied it. However they do not exclude the possibility of nuclear energy use in future. That time I called my Georgian nuclear physicist counterpart to find out what's really going on. Well, he told me that some strange things happen with military science lab Delta that is located near Rustavi. In particular he said that a uranium enrichment factory is being constructed there and according to locals they saw some Middle Eastern foreigners and armed men near the site. By all appearances those people are lost Iranian scientists about whom media report from time to time. And it seems they appeared in Georgia with the help of Islamists with whom Saakashvili opened up close relations. My counterpart told me that Georgian president is scared because Washington won't place its stake on Saakashvili, so now he tries to execute the ambitious plan to create not only nuclear but also bio weapon for US account and to guarantee this way himself bright future... Well, my friend was going to report everything he knows on the case to public, but it happened so I can't get in touch with him for the last two weeks. His wife tremblingly says that he is absent and she doesn't know when he'll be back while his colleagues told me that he left for some conference. He never left without a notice... Well, I think that he was kidnapped because of his intensions to disclose the info or he also was forced to work at Saakashvili's nuclear project. Anyway, such news always alerting...
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