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Default Re: Washington Post / Deadly Electronic Weapons

I was told by THEM that if I left the "sadistic cult," I would be on my own. No one could protect me from THEM. I would live my life in fear.

This was stated on the musician's site several times when I attempted to back off and they wanted to reel me back in like a fish on a line.

"You're on your own."

Obviously, if they were actually my protectors from the past as they wanted me to believe, they would not have instilled fear and/or threatened me when I attempted to leave. Role reversal of abusers as protectors in altered states of consciousness is common in mind control "sadistic cults." This keeps them enslaved.

Their objective was to keep me in altered states of consciousness, triggering disinformation, scrambling my brain, so to speak, so that I could not get recall the information I am now recalling here.

This, because I am now in a place where my sexual programming is not being triggered. I am not being placed in altered states of consciousness. I am not being mentally, emotionally and psychologically abused.

Obviously, mind controllers were in abundance on HIS site.

Some information was recalled as to politicians involved in my past abuse. I'm sure this is why the site was shut down for several hours one day.

It was said that I would be a target/victim the rest of my life. So, too, would my husband and children if I married.

Obviously, I would be a target in many ways through covert operations, but, specifically a target of their secret, silent and invisible weapons.

No one could protect me against them, it was said. We KNOW this is true. There is no protection against secret, silent and invisible weapons in the hands of criminals within government and military. Only knowledge and exposure can set us free.

To keep my mouth shut would be best, they advised.

I believe they have used energy directed weapons on some of my family members.

They can target anyone from anywhere.

None of us are safe.

In Peace,
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