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Default Re: Washington Post / Deadly Electronic Weapons

It was referred to as having the ability to "induce" a heart attack or stroke.

It was said they were working on the capability to control a person's thoughts, actions and state of health remotely using EMF, through the study of brain waves, sound waves and heat sensored lasers.

What will people think, I asked.

People will think they are going crazy.

The point?

To create a society of people who are beset by health problems, beset by psychological problems. To turn our society into walking zombies.


So they cannot rise up against us. Because the time will come when the Beast is upon them.

I ask YOU!

How do you think they learned what would work and wouldn't work in order to deploy it on the masses.

I ask YOU!

How do you think they perfected it so that it would work on the masses?

Did they use mice?

Did they use rats?

The answer is NO!!

They used humans as guniea pigs in mind control "satanic cults."


Because we could tell them what we felt and what we didn't. Because they could observe us and see what effect their weapons were having on us.

Because we could communicate and tell them when it was burning, when it was not.

When they had penetrated our minds. When they had not.

When we were itching. When we were not.

When our heart was racing and when it was not.

Did we do this of our own free will?

We know the answer.

Would you volunteer for this abuse?

We know the answer.

We were held against our own free will in so-called FREE AMERICA where our leaders protect us.

To believe that is to believe in a fairy-tale.

In Peace,
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