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Default Re: Washington Post / Deadly Electronic Weapons

OK blue you are making me nervous. As some of those things have happened to me. Sitting in my chair watching tv. Then my heart starts to race. Getting shaky and breaking out in cold sweats.Blood pressure spiking to 204/146.Sudden panic and anger spells.My son has seen this himself.When i went to the emergency room they sent me home. My doctor was a bit upset when I told him.Im in good shape too 200# 34inch waist (just to get a picture) I can squat 315 pounds three times before my knee says ouch. The doc put me on bp pills for a bp 140/90 when I tore my dimiscus(think thats how you spell it)Didn't realize it might have been from pain in knee then. Now it is worse. He died of cancer. Funny how you learn about things after wards lol. Taking those pills was a mistake! Im not gonna get all paranoid now. Just makes me go hmmm. Blue you dont run a church in texas do you?
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