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Default Maybe something we can agree on

I think maybe with the long, on going, arguements between Freemasons like myself who come on to sites like these, believe it or not, to try and help and not hinder, and conspiracy theorist like yourselves it may be a prudent venture to find common ground.

I have had many discussions with Freemasons like me, who research the same things you do, Freemasons who hinder rather than help by peddling false information for reasons I can't even fathom, and I spend a lot of time talking with conspiracy theorists and there is one common point.

There is deception out there, and there are people/groups trying to control more than they really should.

Of this we can all agree. The trouble arises, with all the mis-information out there, with the many trying to get a piece of the pie it is hard to decypher those who are the seat of deception and those who are merely accused of it.

To give you an example, including Freemasonry as this area is regarding such.

Have a look here

Masonic High Council of England and Wales

And tell me what you think.

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