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Default Re: Erectile Dysfuntion

a BT advert , shows a women talking on the phone to her mother . the man comes out of the onsuit shower with just a towel . he drops it off , next the women turns to the man , sees what he has done , and then blatently ignores him and says to her mother as though nothing is happening

yeah ? thats what i thought

but at the same time she blanks him . turns away uninterested .

another add about debts , shows the tipical family .
child in the yard , man about the house , women on the phone talking to debt , loan companies .

the man says something and she covers the phoneand blanks him rudely .
the child shouts out mother , and she answeres to the child with out covering the phone .
the man then says something and she blanks him rudely again .

the advert ends with the man falling in a cupbaord or something with lots of noise around .

this is an advert to show how women should treat men , and how thick men are .

other adds on tv , like washing powder adds also do the same .

blue angel ? it takes a special person to recognise the facts that you have issued here !

not many can see it !

well done !
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