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Default ulitmate truths- of higest order

upon my 2 years of being around in the conspiracyfield,this is the most profound read that actually connects all the dots (without the wishful thinking) i assure you youll find it very intresting,and for many it will be information you never heard before,i have actually posted this on davidicke and abovetopsecret,but due to people inthier taking the text out of context and add religious spins to it,i have decided to post it agian since i feel it deserves a view of logical and reasonal people,

please read it all before posting about it here,i guarantee most here will find it very intrersting/thanks

heres the link : The Ultimate Truth

sorry for double post it was intened to be put here first

ignore the books,evreything in them is published on the site iŽd reffered to

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