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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

there is a post in here by blueangel. he aked me to post a vedio or a picture in this form showing the 2nd plane hiting the tower.
now what im geting at is this.. after i posted on ats for a while i sudenly found my account changed to the david ickes forum.. while in that forum i told all that i saw the plane hit the tower because i was there. as i been telling all in the david ickes forum .. there was some kind of a conspiracy going on in that subject about no planes hiting the towers.. and they all wanted me to show proof of this and even when i did find a picture of it they still say it did not happen..
now in the post from blue angel here in this forum blue angel sudenly and without it as part of the plane subject in this forum and the subject was only in the david ickes forum.. so blue angel must be a lonly person to post in the david ickes forum as another name then here in this forum ask me to show proof a plane hit the tower when this was not even part of the subject he just posted that to me only because he has a account in the david ickes forum.. what one was you there blue angel what user name
in other words blue angel knew just what the debate in the david ickes forum was about.. because he was or still is a member there. and asked me here in this forum when i am going to show proof a plane hit the tower
he can not know about the details of this debate in david ickes unless he was in that debate in that forum.. giving me a hard time there as well as in this forum.. so what is it with you blue angel.. was you in the armageddon forum to.. ill bet you are in the defending the truth forum to arent you..
the question is... why is he in every forum i go finding fault with anything and everything.. are you man enought to just be polite and not make any degrading comments about my posts.. if its just what i post that bothers you that is..
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