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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
actually, Mrs Palin has more experience than Obama, which isnt saying much, McCain croaks,you got a soccer mom for Prez. Biden is also a Zionist war monger
How does she have more experience than Obama?

Also, I don't want a soccer mom for President and in saying we would have her as President if McCain croaks, I wasn't inferring Biden would be better.

McCain met her once, it has been reported.

Do we really believe this?

Was swept off of his feet, I suppose.

She's attractive.

Invited her to Sedona.

She's a beauty pageant 2nd place winner.

She knows how to perform in front of a crowd.

Win them over.

Maybe that's all she has going for HIM.

At least we know where most of our politicians stand and to whom their loyalty rests.

She's a NOBODY, but I don't think he'd pick her if she wasn't in the loop.

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