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Exclamation Jessica Ridgeway Investigation Stinks

Something stinks in the Jessica Ridgeway abduction case.

First, they find her backpack sitting in the middle of a sidewalk about 6 miles away. Helicopter news video shows the backpack sitting in a paper bag in the middle of a sidewalk.

The witness said she saw a backpack and a water bottle, but said nothing about it being in a paper bag. Did the cops put it in a paper bag? And why was this sitting in the middle of the sidewalk like 4 days later??

Now, the cops find a body last night. They block access to the area for nearly two miles. Huh?

Still, this morning will not say if the body is the girl, and won't take media questions, yet the media is reporting they've never seen so many cops going in and out of the cop building.

And about two days after her disappearance, people were wanting to volunteer to search for her, but the cops were turning them away, saying they could handle it....

My suspicion, is the abductor is a cop, and they are trying to cover it up....

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