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Default The Delusion of Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

In my opinion, the main reason that Constitutionalists and Conservatives keep losing ground year after year, election after election, is because of the doctrine of the “lesser of two evils.” You hear it all of the time. “Well I’m going to bite my tongue and vote for the rascal because the other rascal is worse.” Or, “I’m not going to vote for the third party candidate because I would just be throwing my vote away.”

But many do not understand the Power of Principle. Even if the bad guys are elected, the good guys might wake up and nominate better candidates the next time. But if they think that it makes no difference, they will never make the necessary changes. For instance: the Democrats know that in the end the Jews and Blacks are going to be in their corner, and the Republicans know that the conservatives and Christian Right will vote with them when push comes to shove. Well, maybe it’s just time that we fool them.

Robert E. Smith is the Black pastor of the Evangelical Outreach Center of Little Rock, Arkansas. He is one of the 33 pastors that was recruited by the Alliance Defense Fund of Phoenix, Arizona, and is defying the IRS, and planned to preach a politicized sermon on September 28 in violation of the Internal Revenue Code. However, Pastor Smith missed his flight from New Jersey and didn’t have an opportunity to preach his prepared text in front of the media cameras that were waiting for him. If he had made it, he had planned to warn his congregation and fellow Blacks across the nation to refrain from voting for Barak Obama because of his pro-abortion stance. He was prepared to say that abortion is killing the black race far more than drugs and gangs in America.

Another example of the tide turning toward a third party candidate is the recent endorsement of the Constitutional Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin by Congressman Ron Paul. I personally know that great numbers of my friends will vote for him. He will also be the main speaker on Wednesday night, October 15, at the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Following is an outstanding article that puts this whole issue in perspective entitled The Evil of Two Lessers by Marty Tate, Pastor of the Peaceful Valley Baptist Church in Rising Fawn, Georgia.

The flaw in this logic is two-fold:

1. God’s people are never required or commanded in scripture to do the “lesser” evil. We are commanded to do what is right.

2. Under the “lesser of two evils” argument, we may only vote for whichever candidate has a “chance” of winning the election.
The Delusion of Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

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