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Default 9/11, Greys and the NWO

Did anybody know that a third building in the world trade centre unexpectedly collapsed of "fire", even though it was NOT hit by a plane, had minor fires in small areas and had been given a $15,000,000 fortification refurbishment to be used as a kind of bomb shelter a year before? Coincidence? That building was WTC 7.

Both Flight paths of the planes that hit the north and south towers both appeared to head for WTC 7 following a beacon? It had been completely evacuated at 9.00am and collapsed 8.5hrs later. If you were trying to guide a plane into the New York Twin Towers, would it not be handy to have a bomb proof structure literally next door to do it from? Why did it collapse like a controlled demolition? Is someone trying to hide something? The landlord collected $9,000,000,000 dollars from insurance less than a year after he became landlord. Seriously!

Ok, here is what I reckon happened on 9/11, its a bit out on the left, but give me a chance.

When Larry silverstein (WTC Landlord) took over the WTC he replaced all security personnel (fact). He gave permission for a sector of the US Government to plant explosives up to 2 months before the attacks in both towers and WTC 7 (this had 47 floors, for reference). The penthouse in WTC 7 was used to overlook the operation and send out a beacon to be followed by the plane Hijackers. Whether there really were hijackers is debatable. It was probably computer operated using a system used in missles and unmanned planes. Imagine former military pilots giving up controls of a 757 to men with RAZORBLADES!!! These pilots were no wimps, they were military men.

At the same time, Flight 77 was "Hijacked" and flew to a military base in Ohio where it landed. A Global Hawk unmanned drone flying higher than domestic radar (60,000 ft) was heading for the pentagon. Radar operators lost flight 77 for an HOUR!!! The Global Hawk was painted up to look like an American Airlines plane. Imagine a Plane flying just feet above your head at 400 MPH, you would get a quick flash of it, and your brain would fill in the rest (Im a Psychology student, It really does happen). The same time the pentagons defence system shot a missle at it to detroy all evidence, any remaining was collected and taken away (I have pics if anyone wants to see them).

Back in New York, North and South Towers were blown up using the earlier planted explosives, causing a controlled demolition. In 1991 in Philadelphia, a building burned for 19 hours on 8 Full floors and did not collapse. The South tower burned in small locations in one corner at less than 1,800 Degrees F (Steel melts at 2,500 - 3,000 Degrees F) for LESS than an hour!!! Why did it fall down like a controlled demolition? The black smoke indicates an oxygen starved fire, which burns at much less than its optimum. There were pictures of people looking down from the tower from where the plane hit, so if there was burning jet fuel how did they walk through it?? One women was wearing white and had long hair, all appeared untouched from fire.

Just for a point of knowledge, the Twin Towers main support where interior coloumns which housed the stairs and elevators. If you wanted to destroy the towers, you would have to plant explosives here. NOT ONE peice of stairs (imagine how many flights of stairs these two buildings had between them) or elevator was found. They were all turned to powder!! Basically America Killed Thousands of its own people for no reason. Why??

Well, the 9/11 attacks were used as basis to invade afghanistan. This lead to the invasion of Iraq, all on the oil pipelines route. If USA declares war on Iran next, then it is fact. I am gonna combine a couple of conspiracy theories now which are worlds apart, but bare with me!!!

The Gray Aliens and the NWO (New World Order) apperently want to reduce the Earths population by 89% by 2028. It has been believed for years in UFOlogy circles that the Greys did a deal with the US. It was an exchange of Technology for People to experiment on. The Greys work quite closely with the US for unknown reasons. If this was true, they really did want to reduce the population, it would have to be done by man through war. The US knows this, so are slowly trying to get all the worlds resources so that they will not be as culled as the rest of the world. 9/11 was the perfect war to start a war, reduce a fair few thousand in population, test penatgon security, Get greys hundreds of people to test on without arousing suspicion, get politcal support to claim oil in the middle-east whilst killing thousands more. A bit far fetched??


In the 1960's a document was writing (later released in the freedom of information Act) of a FBI plot. They were going to load a plane up of FBI agents dressed as college students and fly towards Cuba. This plane would land at a secret military base the same time as an empty unmanned plane takes off. This would then fly over cuba, be blown up by onboard explosives and claim to have been shot down by Cuban fire. The world would then support a full scale war on Cuba and Fidel Castro. THIS IS FACT, NOT SCIENCE FICTION!!! This was an ACTUAL FBI plane.

I have left a LOAD of info out, just to condense it.

Whos scared yet??

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