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Default Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

I wish to share with the whole world the Truth that I and many other individuals have shockingly discovered about abovetopsecret! is owned, sponsored and controlled by the CIA and NSA for collecting information and Disinformation purposes!

I am stating this here to cast new light on the case of the Astronomer Judy Fältskog who was deliberately selected as a target for disinformation after she told a friend about the possible ET radio signal she discovered earlier this year.

They are spreading disinformation about Judy Fältskog on ATS because the CIA and Government psyops agents are trying to discredit her story as a hoax so that you the public will never find out about the true significance of her discovery which would prove once and for all that extraterrestrial civilisations are in active communication with the US government, that the US have manned bases on the Moon and Mars!

Everyone who has spoken in favour of Judy Fältskog or tried to defend her on has been permanently banned within a few hours, sometimes even within minutes! is defamating her character, spreading viscious lies about her, accusing her of everything possible to make their disinformation campaign against her succeed!

They are doing this in order that the information she has will never reach YOU and that you will brush it off as a hoax!

People I ask that you dont act like sheep following the everyone else, rather stand back and ask yourself why are they putting so much effort, money, man hours, endless insults, slander, defamation and accusations into discrediting Judy Fältskog?

Their Disinformation campaign has been going on for over six moths now non stop.

Why is one woman such a threat to them and why spend so much time with trying to destroy her if she was just an average hoaxer?

Think about this and see if you can also connect the dots!

Spread this as far and wide as you can!

This may be the single most important thing you the public could do to bring your part in the extraterrestrial disclosure! is a information gathering and disinformation platform for Psyops Provocateurs and the CIA

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