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Just to be clear: Firefox AND Linux is worked on by individual programmers who give their time freely. In turn, both are completely free to the end user. It is called a community for a reason. And it is transparent because it really is open for all to examine for themselves.

In contrast, companies like Microsoft guard the code that makes every piece of software they sell. They trademark it and copyright it, and they make billions and billions of dollars off you. You do not know what the code is that makes their products, you are not allowed to view it. Thus, anything and everything imaginable could be in there and you wouldn't know it. Not only that, but if you did get your hands on their code, you would immediately be prosecuted for it.

Do you see why the open source community has been created? Precisely to say "fuck you" to the Micro$oft's of the world. We'll do it ourselves, and we'll make it transparent ... and FREE to boot! No NSA code will be allowed, cause we have created it ourselves - and if anything does creep in, it will be immediately detected and deleted or changed, because access to all the code is allowed.


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