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Default Re: Grow up! I've been told!

DC - I love your style - did right from the start.

Hope, I'm a big kid too. My youngest has me skipping everywhere. I feel like an ass and oh well. If she wants to skip and she's with me then it's me who is gonna skip with her. I must look a right site. 38 and skipping down the road... holding hands with a 5 year old.

Draken, I get what you mean. A very valid point. Everyone worries to fix out there, which they almost certainly can never do until they fix in here.People can change themselves for the better through conscious effort of thought and behaviour.

People can have a change of heart for the better. You hit the nail on the head, as usual.

"you preach family alot i see, however you do not come across as a LADY, i think you have a tremendous quilt complex.

sorry deary, you should have kept your legs closed. hmmm! a couple of husbands, troublemaking kids (i know this), a mouth you can't keep shut (for more than one reason), and poor social skills. you need an overhaul. Satan worshipper, that's you. you come from a satanic background. the clowns that stick up for you on this site are your evil friends. thanks to brats like you and your 'crew' we all will have to be put in the same basket with you when the nwo takes over."

Superstar needs to work on his "in here" - black-hearted fool...

When folks talk out their ass about me and/or my children with malice, it doesn't reflect on me at all, in my mind. I know who I am. I know I've raised exceptional children.

That's right. My kids are an exception to the rule - just like their mother. There are gonna be three more of me in the future with their repective spouses and families and a freeeeeeeeee mind to spread the love, hope and courage. Sticks and stones mate.

Superstar- you're not in my league - there's no chance of our crossing paths in some NWO gulag. They might catch you and they won't find me chum. God helps me be one step ahead for the love of my family. Yay GOD!

I am sad you believe so strongly in the dark unseen forces a.k.a. the NWo For you, is it a given as you say "when" they takeover? I still have hope and believe it's a not very plausible "if". You better ask God for a bit more hope and stop that black heart brewing over a stranger and her family whom you have never met.

I have been blessed in so many ways it is almost untrue. The curses have all been blessings in disguise. So curse away superstar. You're blessing me without even knowing it. God loves me and my kids - NO DOUBT in my mind.

This world has educated the sheeple to be ignorant and hateful instead of appreciative and kind.
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