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Default Freemason, transhumanist, anti-feminist AMR, hard rock singer, image streamer, 999er.

I'm Micheal Corrison, I'm 19, and I'm a freemason with the Scottish rite, currently 5th degree. Joined on my 18th birthday.

I'm also an avid transhumanist and supporter of life extension technologies. I've been to singularity summit on invitation, I've published an article on cognitive-nanotechnology and it's applications for life extension, and right now I'm writing an article on the socio-economic effects of life extension, which is proving to be controversial and unpopular in the h+ community because they don't like admitting the vast difficult of our goal.

I'm a strong AMR (American male revolutionary!) who opposes feminism and it's many discriminations of men. I could go on for HOURS on this, but trust me....NOW is the group you should be concerned with.

I'm moving to LA to start a career as a hard rock frontman...lets bring back the days of motley crue and GNR! hot girls, fast cars, 5 star villas, juche!

Lastly, I'm in the triple nine society, currently applying for the Mega society.

Pleased to be here!

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