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Default The true Religion of Christ VIII

The true Religion of Christ VIII

Involution is the sacrifice of the spirit that makes it possible for matter to evolve and enrich itself. The twin processes of evolution and involution are at work throughout creation, but as human beings are not particularly inclined to consider the philosophical aspect of things, they never see the laws and priniciples that account for every phenomenon or event in life.

Nothing can exist unless something first sacrifices itself in order to make that existence possible. Thus evolution can exist only if it is preceded by involution. If human beings are to pursue their upward path they must know this. Everything falls apart if life is not based on an awareness of sacrifice, selflessness and love. Take the example of a family: the parents spend all their energy and make innumerable sacrifices so that their children may grow and develop. In fact, one sees parents who have become weak and shrunken, while their children, who are strong and vigorous, do not always realize that they have developed at the expense of their parents.

Spiritual masters, and even professors and schoolteachers represent the triangle of the spririt. When they instruct their disciples or students they are 'involving'; whereas those who listen and learn from them are 'evolving'. Here too we see the manifestation of the two triangles. But this situation cannot last for ever, either for the teacher or for the students. Eventually students and disciples have to pass on what they have learned to others. Similarly, a child cannot remain a child for ever; one day he is going to have to work, marry and have children of his own to feed and educate.
The symbolism of the two triangles can be seen in every activity of our daily lives. You pour yourself a glass of water, and the water in the glass increases while that in the bottle decreases. Then you drink, and the glass is emptied but your stomach is filled. Every time you eat or drink, the food you eat and the liquid you drink represent the triangle of the spirit, which sacrifices itself in order to make you stronger. You go into a shop to buy something, but if you have nothing to offer in exchange for what you need, no one will give you anything. Your purse has to 'involve' so that the goods you need may 'evolve' in your direction. All the actions of our daily lives should help us to understand that the same processes exist on a cosmic scale, and without the initial involution of the spirit there can be no evolution of matter.

As you can see, the symbolism of the two triangles is truly immense; it embraces and sums up the whole of the science of life. Take, for example, the way in which cosmic intelligence has designed the solar plexus and the brain. The materials of these two organs are identical - grey matter and white matter - but their relative position is reversed. The grey matter of the brain is on the outside and the white matter inside; whereas the grey matter of the solar plexus is inside and the white matter on the outside. And this opposition is reflected in the way in which the two organs manifest themselves: the solar plexus is hidden and its action invisible, whereas the brain talks, pontificates, pronounces anathema. But the brain could not manifest with such brilliance, could not reason, explain, or give orders - it could not function at all, in fact - if there were not something that spent and sacrificed itself in order to subsidize it and supply it with the energies it needs. And that something is the solar plexus. The solar plexus nourishes and sustains the brain, because its role is to give. The solar plexus corresponds to the triangle of involution therefore, and the brain, which receives, corresponds to the triangle of evolution. The role of the solar plexus is to sacrifice itself in order to ensure the proper functioning of the brain, and not only of the brain, but of all the other organs as well. This means that the role of the solar plexus is more spiritual than that of the brain, and, knowing this, we should do all we can to ensure that it has the conditions it needs to work and fulfil its mission.

The essential thing to remember is that man cannot lock himself into a one-sided attitude. Once the cup is full it has to be emptied again. This is true in the life of every single individual, for we all begin life as children, who only know how to take, before becoming adults and learning to give. It is also true in the life of humanity as a whole. For a very long time humanity has been in the selfish state of childhood, in which it has thought only of taking everything for itself, and the result has been war and devastation. It is time now for humanity to learn to give. This is why I say that the religions that urge men to concentrate on saving their souls and seeking eternal bliss for themselves are no longer vaild. It is time to give something to the earth, to make the earth beautiful so that it may vibrate in harmony with heaven.

In the past, individuals were concerned only about their own development. This was perfectly normal, in fact it was a necessary phase of human evolution and as such was planned by cosmic intelligence. Just as a child has to begin by growing and becoming strong, humanity - which was still a child - had to grow and build up its strenght, and it was helped in this by its 'elder brothers', those highly evolved souls and spirits who incarnated in order to help it. And now mankind has reached adulthood. Ah, but I can see that you are wondering what I mean when I say that mankind has become adult. Well, think of how children develop: to begin with it is their physical life that manifests itself and grows strong as they eat and drink and exercise their limbs. Then, little by little, the spirit begins to descend into them, awakening first their astral body and then their mental body, and by the time they are twenty-one we can say that all their essential faculties are developed. Emotionally and intellectually they possess all the tools they need and can begin to use them to their fullest extent.

The process by which the spirit gradually descends to the physical plane has also taken place in mankind as a whole. This is why we can say that mankind has now reached adulthood. If modern man possesses such extraordinary powers in the realms of thought and feeling, it is because the spirit has taken possession of his astral and mental bodies, and in so doing it has penetrated so deeply into matter that it is almost buried. Thanks to the spirit, human beings have become more and more capable of handling matter, but at the same time they have lost touch with the subtle worlds. In the remote past, when the spirit had not penetrated their physical body to any great extent, human beings were in closer touch with the spirits, the entities of the invisible world, the souls of the dead. Of course, these human beings were not very clever when it came to handling matter, and if they now have such great skill on that level it is because they have gradually cut themselves off from all the other forms of life that inhabit the universe - so much so, in fact, that, because these forms of life are invisible, they no longer believe in their existence.

What is needed now is a return to the spiritual world. It was necessary for mankind to attain its present intellectual development, but to continue in the same direction without a simultaneous development of its spiritual faculties would spell its ultimate destruction. In fact this has already occured more than once. The annals of spiritual science - which will soon be discovered - contain records of several human races that have disappeared from the face of the earth.

We might wonder why the spririt, having penetrated so deeply into matter, has not succeeded in rendering it nobler and subtler. The truth is that the spirit cannot manifest itself on the lower planes, in the opaque density of matter, with the same omnipotence and omniscience that characterize its manifestations on the higher planes. The more deeply it penetrates matter the more it is restricted and prevented from manifesting its true qualities.
In reality the descent of the spirit into matter has been going on for millions of years, and although it has not yet achieved the true spiritualization of matter, it has already brought about a tremendous flowering of human intellectual and emotional faculties. Yes, matter has reached the stage of intellectual development, but that is not enough.

This is why the time is now ripe for the cosmic spirit - not just the spirit of each individual being - to descend into humanity and spiritualize it. Until now it has been the task of the individual spirit to descend and make its dwelling in each individual physical body, and in the struggle to animate and refine the matter of that body, it has lost many of its qualities. But now there is to be a collective, cosmic descent of the divine spirit, which is coming to vivify and resusciate all creatures.
People are always astonished at the extent to which the all-powerful spirit can be subjugated and paralysed by matter. Yes, the spirit is all-powerful in the world above, but it is not all-powerful in the world below unless it is set free. It is exactly the same as atomic energy: as long as that energy is imprisoned in matter it is powerless, but liberate it and you will see what it is capable of. The spirit can be virtually paralysed by matter, but once it is set free it shows itself to be so powerful that it can pulverize the matter that held it prisoner.

An now, my dear brothers and sisters, make up your minds to become triangles of the spirit and to do something for others instead of being content to be miserable little non-entities who want the whole world to revolve around themselves. Those who think of nobody but themselves retard their own development, but those who work for others become stronger in themselves. When you are always trying to help and encourage others it may seem as though you lose something )and it is quite possible, in fact, that your physical strenght will diminish), but you will become spiritually stronger and more powerful. Of course, as this spiritual strengthening is not visible, everybody thinks that the spirit, like the physical body, declines with age, whereas the truth is exactly the reverse. The trouble is that human beings get everything mixed up and identify with their physical bodies. The physical body works, uses up its energies, and becomes weaker with age, that is true, but the spirit becomes stronger. One triangle diminishes while the other increases. That is life. The French saying, 'You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs,' is very apt.

In point of fact, this is not always true. I have my own formula, which says, 'Your guests have eaten their fill but your cake is still whole.' Yes, but there is a secret here that only the great masters have discovered, and it is this: when they help and enlighten human beings, they spend a great deal of energy, but at the same time the divine world gives them far more strength and energy than they give to others. It is when you give to others that you receive, that you are filled to the brim. So there you have the two triangles: you give below and you receive from above. When you are the triangle of the spirit in relation to human beings you give, and in this way you become the triangle of matter in relation to heaven. You give and receive, give and receive. If you have never learned to do this you will soon be drained and empty and begin to regret having worked for others. You have to learn, therefore, to be the triangle that gives to the earth and at the same time the triangle that receives from heaven. In other words you must be emissive in relation to the world below and receptive to the world above.

It was in this sense that I once explained Jesus' words: 'Unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.' For two thousand years Christians have failed to understand what it means to be 'like children'. The weakness and frailty of children arouse a protective instinct in adults. A child who has someone to look after it has nothing to worry about; it is the adults, the parents, who do all the worrying. Jesus was telling us that we must be as children in relation to those who are more advanced and who are able, therefore, to take care of us, to guide and instruct and protect us. Just because you have come of age it does not mean - as so many people think - that you can sever your ties with all those more advanced beings and never obey anyone again. It is precisely when you do this that trouble really beings to rain down on you. No, the only way to enter the kingdom of God, to enter that realm of joy, happiness and hope, is to be as children in relation to those who are more advanced. Even if we are obliged to become adults here on earth, we must still be as children in relation to our parents in the higher world.

Why are human beings incapable of discovering these great truths for themselves? Because they are not free. Yes, for there is a connection between freedom and knowledge. It is true that people are always ready to fight for freedom, to fight for the liberty to behave according to their own tastes and desires (which means, often enough, the liberty to commit every conceivable folly). But the freedom they seek is not the freedom that would give them the power to see, explore, and understand the divine world. On the contrary, they get involved in all kinds of activities which blindfold and shackle them. If you walk through a beautiful garden while you are totally absorbed in your own worry or distress, you will not see the beauty surrounding you. But it never occurs to human beings that when they themselves to banal, mundane occupations they become incapable of seeing and rejoicing in the splendour of the universe and the creatures that inhabit it. It is only when you are free that you can begin to see reality. Until then, a great many things can happen, even within yourself, without your being aware of them, simply because you are otherwise engaged.

What extraordinary things you will start to discover once you have succeeded in freeing yourselves! You will acquire the ability to read what is written, first within yourselves and then in others, thus gradually attaining true clairvoyance. All the wonders of heaven and earth are there, around you and in you, but you have to be free in order to see them. For an initiate this is the only true freedom. The very least you can do while you are here is to begin to acquire a taste for these truths, and when you do so you will see that everything becomes so much lighter and easier. Do you think that I waste my time and energy in useless activities? No, if this question were not of vital importance I should never have talked to you about it. Why should I be too to know as well as anyone what is important and what is not?

All around us in the world today, in every aspect of life, are the manifestations of the triangle of matter, the triangle that does nothing but take - even in the intellectual sphere. This is why so many ideas stagnate in people's minds without ever being expressed in their actions, gestures, or general behaviour. But in the teaching of the Great Universal White Brotherhood we learn to put the most sublime ideas into effect, to bring them down into the material dimension. All that we learn, all that we receive, all that we have understood must be expressed and implemented in our actions. This is perfection. This is how the kingdom of God and His Righteousness will be established on earth.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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