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Default Re: Reshaping the Middle East and/or World War III?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Please tell me what you think OBAMA is trying to do right now that he should have done all along for the past three years?

Invade Libya?

Under what circumstances should Bush and/or Clinton have ousted Khadafi?

Again, please tell the forum what "right thing" you belive Obama is doing in order to help in his re-election?

In order to help his re-election, I suggest OBAMA might pay attention to the country he was elected to represent and put people back to work.
Ok, this is just my opinion, I believe that Obama wants to do right for the country. Its odd that he is doing just that, when he should have done all this in his first three years in office. Invading Libya was Father Bush's that was eventually left to President Clinton in the 1990's. Then of course, that got dumped on GW Bush, which neither Presidents have "declared victory" on getting rid of Khadafi. So, President Obama wants the American people to "believe" that he is capable of "taking out" the Libyan leader. It would look good for him. He believes that Khadafi should have been gone a long time ago. So, this is his time to "shine in the glory".
If he succeeds, he will be the one that "took out" Khadafi. But of course, with the help from France, the UK, and other countries. As well, as NATO.
Just wait and see, I am sure you will read or see, in the news if he succeeds...his approval ratings will skyrocket. And, people will somehow come to terms, he did what the presidents should have done a long time ago.
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