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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Oh yeah, Aguilera is a total whore of babylon.

She's pretty, but man, she is such a slut ho. It's a waste. She sold her soul to the devil and the illuminati. And they'll chew her up and spit her carcass out to the vultures and maggots.

It's a little sad to see, honestly.

But I sure am glad female explotation doesn't happen anymore.
To me this comes across a slightly religious and moralistic position to take.

Of course female pop stars like Aguilera show themselves off and make themselves look sexy but they are doing this because the fans obviously like it and its good for business.

You can't forget a lot of Aguilera's fans are female themselves and they see the singer as a role model.

I mean what about some of the beach wear you see ladies wearing these days? And I'm talking about the thongs........

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