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Default Coming of the Antichrist



War of the Angels

In this book you will read how the author was guided by Jesus to write the book and how satan threatened him and his family should he write the books and then how he finally defeated the devil one night as he was attacked.

You will also learn of the coming rapture and how the devil is going to try and take over the throne of God here on Earth. This book was written 25 years ago and is COMING TRUE today, it is all backed up by FACT.

It proclaims that King Juan Carlos of Spain will most likely sign a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and Palestine a treaty that will cause WW 3, and that after the war, he will be hailed as the savior of the world, it also says that Russia will side with the muslim nations in order to allow the muslim nations to attack Israel, whilst Russia attacks the defender of Israel (the US) with a nuclear attack. Oil will play a key part in this deal with the muslim nations and Russia.
And that a few years after the war, microchips will be made mandatory that hold all your personal information (most likely voluntary at first), the microchip will have to be inserted within the right hand or the forehead, - it is the mark of the beast - NEVER ACCEPT IT, YOU WILL GO TO HELL IF YOU DO!

This microchip will contain all personal information such as passport info, bank details, etc, you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark in what will become a cashless society, that includes food, drink and essentials you need to live, to accept the mark is worshipping satan, and this is what he wants.

All people in the world will be forced to take the mark if they want to live, rich or poor, it will be very short lived however as those that accepted the mark will be condemned to hell after the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

Juan carlos has been actively seeking a peace treaty for the Palestine / Israel problem since as early as 2000, last year he won the coveted Mercury prize in Germany for creating a blueprint for the perfect peace plan for Israel and Palestine, in 2002 he met with the Ayatollah of Iran to discuss possible peace in the region. He co-hosted in July at a conference about world peace and accepting all religions sponsored by the muslim league, his new friends after having secured several lucrative trade contracts for muslim countries in Madrid, he also claim to be a "DIRECT DECENDANT" of Lord Jesus Christ, and has the title of "King of Jerusalem" after Opus Dei lobbied the Israeliparliament for restoration of an ancient rite, he is looked upon favourably by both muslim and jews and is in the perfect position to sign a peace treaty. He also is attending a conference in New York in November about interfaith relations, he also won the "Medal of Honour" from the newly formed European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation a couple of months ago, The King of Jerusalem, they say, is the most respected man in the world in the eyes of all nations for making peace, and the new Euro coin will have the face of King Juan Carlos of Spain. A one world government and one world religion is on the agenda.

In addition to this he fits all the Bible prophesies that point to the identity of the antichrist, such as his name adding up to 666 in 10 different languages, being born in Rome, the city that destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD, and also he is the "leader of the 11th nation to join the Revived roman empire" who (paraphrased from the Bible) will be the antichrist.

The Bible also states the whoever signs the 7 years treaty with Israel and Palestine will be the antichrist, and the world will see him as man of peace, (as you have read from above, he is already advocating world peace in a major way winning all sorts of awards)

Microchips have already been introduced to people, with people in Spain among the first to accept chips (itís a yuppie thing). The Beijing Olympics are also introduced microchips into the tickets that will store personal information such as passport information, e-mail address, home addresses, etc in order to combat fraud. As well as passports that are having similair chips put into them.

Some years ago you saw the Russian president Putin siding with Iran, much to the fury of the US, and giving Iran full backing. Russia is also bragging how it could beat the US in a thermonuclear war, and there is much friction between the US and Russia these days for a large number of reasons.

Oil is being heavily sought after these days, the price of oil is going up and up, the world economy is a mess, whoever has the most oil has power, and that is why Russia will back the muslim nation to attack the US.

All this was predicated in the book "War of the Angels" This book is true and could save your life, and is FREE for a limited amount of time, to get your own free copy of this extraordinary book, click the link directly below, this book is being sold for $14.95 at paperback, but the author pastor Michael J Mullen is allowing the distributation of this book free in an e-book version.

The download link is

War of the Angels

Simply save it to your desktop and register it over the Internet, simple!

If you donít want to use real name and e-mail address when you register your copy, then just use simply use false ones!!

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