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Default Re: Sacha Boron Cohen: Zionist "muckraker"

This Musician/Actor/Zionist is spreading hate around America, he'll be in your town next. Here's a sample of his lyrics.
He gives it to the Yanks in his VERY funny movie just out. Cant remember it's name. He plays an "emmissary" from the land of Khazakstan - "Borat". I cannot tell you how funny he is.

He gives it to America because that is the intended result of the Jew/Zionist lackey Bush and his neo-Bolshevik/5th Columnist agitators. Stomp around the world behaving like a madman with a LITERAL madman at the head, so the entire world hates America...then the U.N steps in. The Left is reinvigorated with new found credibility and we can all get our chips as "Global Warming" threatens to kill us all.:-)

It's noted that an Aussie girl called Isla Fisher married Cohen (or Ali "G) as he's known. This girl was going NOWHERE in the movies. No sooner did she marry Cohen and convert to Judaism...she has a staring role in the "Wedding Crashers". And they say conversion is a bad thing?:-)

People must NOT fall for the "I Hate America" crap, though the movie is funny. They are getting sucked in. America has a long history of NEVER ENDING covert ops to keep it's people under control and docile. We should reach out to Americans as they are LITERALLY the last bastion against the Zionist One Worlders.

BTW...could'nt get the song. Cohen is just another useful idiot. He actually gives it to Israel to. I'd like to see him pull his stunts in Israel? Do you think he would? No, they'd just shoot him in the head. He is actually friends with Dodi El Fayheds father. The muslim owner of Harrods.
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