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Default Re: 2012 shows little to no catastrophe - expect major cataclysms in the dates herein

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

I knew you would agree after I MADE YOU SEE that which you didn't see!

Oh, and BTW, any news as to what OBAMA is doing to put Americans back to work?

I have no clue why anyone would elect this clown to a second term!

But, then again, that's all we ever have as a choice.

A Democratic or Republican clown!
I couldn't agree more. We need to elect across the board independents who know what's going on and care about the future of our country. The GOP and Dems alike are EVIL to the very core.

This is unlikely to happen though as getting financed to even run is controlled by corporate elites. It costs millions to run a successful election campaign. And it is not in the interest of the elites to put into office those who would take a couple bucks out of their circle of commerce and put it towards something besides Corporate Godzillas.

As far as jobs, didn't you hear!? Obama has created all kinds of new jobs. So stop your whining! Why complain because your $70,000 a year job can now only be replaced by an $8,000 a year job at Wal-Mart? Or if they are over stocked just go to McDonalds and make$7000.

Yeah there's no problem there you greedy conspiracy theorists!!!!
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