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Default RFID chips/TSA

Local radio station personality Dave Glover does a weekly segment with Dr. Michael Lynch called "Paranormal Tuesday." They discuss a variety of issues from local paranormal legends to current UFO/paranormal/cryptozoological news worldwide.

I heard a replay of today's show and they were discussing RFID technology, the "mark of the beast" in biblical lore, the TSA debacle, and global economic failure.

He describes a very interesting "solution" tying them all together with a microchip. He doesn't offer much, if any, substantial evidence, nor does he claim that this is some top secret government program that is in the works. Just a hypothesis.

The podcast can be downloaded from FM NewsTalk 97.1 - St. Louis | Dave Glover Show Podcast
7 December, I caught the replay some I'm not sure which hour it was on.

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