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Default Russian General's Comments Need to be Taken With Healthy Dose of Skepticism

By Paul Joseph Watson |

Ed note: Leonid Ivashov's comment about 'the atlantists' is very interesting. To me, this implies at least to some extent that Ivashov is aware that there is something more going on behind mainstream politics, and is conveying that message with his choice of words. Is he trying to inform us, in a subtle way, about an ongoing occult agenda for world domination and that there are two fighting factions: Eurasia and Atlantis (the two brotherhoods?) It's a bit below the surface of "normal politics" (whatever "normal" is) to make a comment like this, well at lest in public. Still, I guess that if you go far enough up the pyramid, you would discover that even these two brotherhoods are connected at the very top, as so many other organisations are. I find it interesting nonetheless. See the related articles for more info on Eurasia and America the New Atlantis .

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