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Default Why did Hitler invade Poland?

Go to link for full paper:

The post WW 1 Treaty decimated Germany - causing a depression enabling Jews to buy up vast amounts of German industry and left Germans bitter.

International Jewry ,who represented 80% of those attending the Versailles treaty forced Germany to give a portion of their country ( Danzig Corridor ) to Poland.
Edward House( right ) was Jewry's lead man a Rothschild employee who previously helped form the Fed Res.

The Polish Bolsheviks kill 58,000 German Nationals in the Danzig corridor

In the months leading up to the German invasion the Polish Army and independent Bolshevik units had been slaughtering German nationals in the Danzig corridor. Mass killings of thousands of civilian ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) by both civilian and Russian NDVK Jews, who were confident that Poland would quickly defeat Germany. Many apparently expected to take possession of German farms and businesses. An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion.

Poles had been merrily slaughtering anything or anybody German since at least as early as April 1939, with smaller incidents stretching back to the close of WW I -- you haven't been told that by the Mass Media, or the fact that these atrocities were one of the main causes for the German invasion of Poland.

Germany had protesting in writing to the League of Nations literally dozens of times with no results.

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