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Default Re: How to Succeed as a War Criminal

...Islamic Fascist can have what they want.
"Islamic Fascist". Yes, invented recently to tie in with the rash of Speilberg shit movies meant to equate Muzzies with "Da Evil NAZI's." Just as "War Of The Worlds" was recently a rather transparent attempt again, at equating "hidden" forces in the U.S about to pounce on poor unsuspecting who was Spinberg refering to their?

Islamic Fascists or the Holohoax...same old same old.

Then this...

Its immoral to tell Israel not to fight back and stupid to call them the problem. The problem is the death worshiping middle east.

The sooner they start stamping on their enemies with real gusto the better they, and all of us will be.
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So who exactly are the death worshippers again? Or are you a Muslim coz it appears you fit the description.

We all get angry, and so do the Palestinians. After living in the same village for a 1000 years or so you tend to get pissed when a bunch of Jewish converts from Central Asia who have NO ties to the land of Palestine WHATSOEVER kick you out and send you on your way.

I am a Catholic. I have never been to Ireland but because it's booming economically i'll head back and kick out the Protestents and take their houses and land too. Does that make sense? And neither does the State of Israel.

I agree with NOMAD.

Unfortunately NOMAD, an awful lot of Jews consider Australia to be the new Jerusalem. I hope they can fit in coz we hate pikers over here and whiny little girls who are afraid of sharks and crocodiles. :-)
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