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Default Re: A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.


The Bible tells that God will put a "hook in the jaw" of Magog so he will be dragged down to doesn't matter who is in comand of Russia at the time. He will do it.

About the hierarchy...any serious researcher of the NWO would have found by now that there are hundreds of organizations...they overlap each other, some people are members of several. Some people probably don't know nothing about other organizations. Some probably think they can defy the overall agenda, until they have their arms broken. We are dealling with human beings, it is impossible for the occultists to totallly control the world and all the subordinates, also because God doesn't allow.

What they do is to smack down those who disobey. doesn't mean that a small group (maybe fluid, maybe more rigid) of men doesn't have the last say in everything. What glues them together is the occultist vision of the future, the global government perspective and the new age religious aspect. Not to mention that most have spirit guides that teach them exactly the same shit.
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