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Default Re: WOOHOO!! I'm activated!!!

It just occurred to me I didn't give any of my interests or hobbies... I'm a musician, if you look up symphonious7 on youtube you will find videos I've made, some are about music, some are about whatever, I'm also desperately trying to understand evolution because I think it's a load of crap lol. (Why the huge gap between monkey and man? Where's all the half man half apes???) But I can't successfully debate something if I don't fully understand it.

I also LOVE anime... I'm a total anime geek, I'm not into giant robots and fights and stuff, I like the random humor of the japanese and their ability to make things that are so wrong so funny.

Those are like my 3 interests in life, God, music, and anime... there's really not much else I care about, except girls, but I'm horrible with women so I've given up on that cause... lol
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