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Default Re: If Communism is the plan, why was it opposed by the US during the cold war?

Not to mention, that as soon as the Bolshevik Revolution was a consolidated fact who was in there to "help electrify" all of Boshevik Russia and earn a massive fortune?

General Electric.

I've posted enough on this topic, as I think everyone who's commented on this thread know, so I'll refrain from posting more here. Keep checking the <a href=" &forum=17">"usual" thread</a> for more Communist info.
Also check out my new thread on <a href""> Marxist Cultural Subversion According to Gramsci</a>.

The understanding of Antonio Gramsci and his strategy of conquest by means of infiltration and subversion of culture is of paramount importance if we ever are to mount an effective counter-strike against Satanic Communism.
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