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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Is it unusual that a small aircraft managed to get through without being detected so close to the Capitol?

Seems like somebody wasn't on their toes so that their message could read "we are ready and on alert."

But, come on, they protected the White House and the Senate and couldn't protect us on 911.

I guess some people get it and some people don't. Certainly it's not easy for the sheeple to get their heads around all of this.

Like you said, if they want stricter laws, they have to stage events in order to pass these laws and fool some of the people. I would think that Columbine assisted them in this way as far as needing to disarm us, and imposing "Nazi" like controls on our children within the school system.

As far as blackmail, they've been blackmailing each other for decades. Senate seats for life, move up the ladder. Get them when they're young, like Clinton, for instance, move him up the ranks, send him to Oxford. Find the talented ones, the ones from less fortunate circumstances and control them like a puppet. Clinton certainly wasn't one of the wealthy elitists. However, he is now!

They put Clinton through school and Kerry, face like a horse. Tapped in Yale.

They are puppet masters. But you know that!!

And, don't even tell me that Michael Jackson's Never Land ranch isn't under the control of the government. Poor, sick children. Preying on the less fortunate. Peter Pan is a mind control tool. Child-like state, fairytale world. Just like Jackson. The place is like a compound for goodness sakes.

If they feel they are in jeopardy, they will declare "Martial Law." I believe Bush, Sr. threatned Congress with this when Colby wanted to address the Senate during Iran-Contra and tell them that the "rogue" CIA was out of control.

Colby was fired and Bush, Sr. was put in as CIA chief making it appear that he was independent of the agency; however, from what I hear, he was a deep sleeper since Yale.

Arizona has passed a law to secede from the nation should Martial Law be declared.

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