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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

See, you lose people here when you start talking about missiles hitting the towers and not jets.

There has to be explanation if they were missiles to debunk the fact that jets are clearly shown to have penetrated the towers. Captured live and in replay.

So did they superimpose this?

Can't be.

I saw the television screen on CNBC when they reported that a "small aircraft" hit the first tower.

I witnessed the plane hanging from the tower and there weren't any flames for some time.

Now, when we see the video footage, do we have explosion on impact? If so, then something is amiss.

Again, if those flights did not exist, why did the passenger's loved ones believe those where the flight numbers they were on? Those flight numbers must have been on the ticket. The passengers must have left this information with their families.

Come on!!!

You're saying missiles hit the towers and that the flights never existed.

So, where did four other JUMBO jets go with the passengers who weren't on the non-existent flights that their loves ones thought they boarded.

You need to explain, TB. Otherwise, it's just disinformation and conjecture.
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