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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

I believe that 911 was an inside job.

I believe a STAND DOWN was ordered.

I believe they needed 911 to move us into World War III, invade Iraq, Patriot Act, National ID Cards, etc., etc., etc.


There are too many theories floating around about what hit the towers.

TB, I thought you said you believed they were missiles.

Others say something strapped under the cargo area.

Others say building was wired to explode.

Others say flights never existed.

And on and on and on and on.

Of course, there were many people involved from the President on down to airport security. The pictures of the hijackers were released almost spontaneously.

There are disinformation agents out there causing the many theories just as with JFK.

We will never make heads or tails out of it because the waters have been muddied unless someone can put all of the pieces together and paint a different picture than the one they have told US with evidence that refutes their version of the events on that day.

All we KNOW, those who believe it was deliberately planned, orchestrated by the American government, was that THEY did not protect the American people on that day whether NORAD was conducting an exercise or not, is no excuse for grounding our fighter pilots.

We will never get a straight answer from any of them. They wrote the 911 commission report and that is that as far as most Americans are concerned.

Forty years later and the American people are still wondering who really shot JFK. Was our government really involved?

911 will be the same unless EVIDENCE can be found to blow apart what the criminals in the White House have reported to the world.

Otherwise, it's all conjecture and "conspiracy theories."

Too much information, as studied in mind control programs, causes confusion. Or, should I say too much disinformation? Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So far, not ONE alternate theory with supporting evidence has been presented regarding the government's role in 911. Just a bunch of mish mash.

Most of us who are interested will spend hours upon hours reading and researching.

But, we will most probably never get to the TRUTH!!!

And, if we do, they'll probably make it look like a suicide.

WHO took the video footage of the jets hitting the towers?


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