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Smile Re: The Threefold Economy: The transformation of science, politics & economics


The nations form the individual organs within the global organism. The head of each nation is structured by analogy to the head of the global organism, i.e.

The synthesis function is performed by a national university:
- Faculty of education/training
- Faculty of statecraft/law
- Faculty of economics

The function of national cooperation/coordination is performed by three national councils:
- National council for education/training
- National council for politics
- National council for economics

The national university is responsible for integrating the scientific activities of each nation into a global synthesis. The three national councils are responsible for ensuring national cooperation/coordination and for integrating each nation into the global organism within the relevant political and economic world regions.


The cells in the global organism are responsible for implementing sustained global health and prosperity. They include all:

- Education and training institutions as organ cells of the global culture (Schools, universities, churches, institutions of science, the media, art and culture)
- Political and legal institutions as organ cells of global politics (institutions of legislation, jurisdiction and law enforcement)
- Business enterprises and economic institutions as organ cells of the global economy (Finance, agriculture, trade, services, commerce and industry)

Each individual enterprise and institutions represents a cell within the global economy and functions in turn as an organ cell within a living organism having a head, a nervous system and organs.

Head of enterprise/institution
with responsibility for innovation and results in the three dimensions of success:
- Product : Product innovation/cycle/quality
- Market : Market ranking/volume/profitability
- Operation : Manufacturing locations/costs

Leadership responsibility by means of state-oriented encouragement of enterprise-wide
- leadership efficiency
- efficiency of social relationship
- technological efficiency

Nervous system of the enterprise/institution for:
- Integrated management
- Communication
- Monitoring
of the success factors specific to each enterprise, segment and location

Organs and cells of the enterprise/institution

Clear segment or sector management (head)
Process orientation with ongoing optimization of the
- Marketing process
- Order-handling processes
- Manufacturing processes
by means of highly-professional teams.


The threefold economy represents not an end in itself. It aims to achieve a specific objective:

From a higher perspective, the purpose of all educational, legal and economic enterprises/institutions is to provide a sphere of work and learning for individual human beings. That is why the global organism is designed in a tripartite structure as an image of man. It can then support and encourage him in the self-development of his own threefold nature in a holistic manner. This means:

- Spiritual development - the universal dimension of man
- Emotional development - the collective dimension of man
- Material development - the individual dimension of man

The threefold economy must begin at the very beginning, with wisdom:

- It therefore begins with educating the parents before birth, in the awareness of the vital importance of conception and pregnancy for the child and for society as a whole.
- The threefold economy finds its continuation in a politics that regards all nations as parts of an indivisible whole and organizes the global organism in a corresponding way.
- The threefold economy ends in maintaining a balance in all things and in paying careful attention to all things.

The Authors:

Andreas Kühne, born 1967, phil. 1
Ernst Sturzenegger, born 1942, lic. oec. HSG

The authors have many years of experience in executive management positions in the international financial sector. They have played a leading or consulting role in numerous pioneering projects in the fields of corporate management, corporate controlling and international human resource development.

The EPE Institute
Research and Consulting on Education - Politics - Economics

The authors founded this research and consulting institute in 1994. Its brief is to pursue fundamental research and pioneering activities in the "sciences of social organism".
Practical implementation of the results of this fundamental research has already been initiated successfully in national and international enterprises.
Parallel activities are under way on the further development of the "political organism" with the aim of initiating national and global pioneering projects in this sector too.
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