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Default Re: Saddam and the US

I do believe a Stand Down was ordered on that fateful day. Like you said, THEY were able to fly Bin Laden's family members out of our country; nevertheless, our military could not get one fighter jet up in time to intercept, fire a warning shot, ANYTHING!!!!

No, but the other day when a small aircraft was near the White House, the jets were scrambled in time to divert the plane by firing a warning shot.

Who was in charge when those jets hit the Towers? It wasn't Bush. He was sitting in a class room reading to children.

Bush was groomed for the job and his brother, Jeb, I'm certain will be up for the job some time in the future.

They don't just let ANYBODY become President of the United States. Both parties are controlled by the "shadow government/secret government" and/or corrupt CIA. Except for Carter and FDR (I believe FDR). Could be wrong, but for certain Carter. Carter's 2nd term at the presidency was thwarted by the October surprise which was, of course, for that reason.

Anyone with any intelligence would have to question why there were four jumbo jets off course, with lost communication and NORAD didn't even respond.

It's typical for NORAD to respond at any time during the year even if one jet is off course.

However, I'm sure there is enough disinformation out there so that the people, as usual, will never know the truth, and I along with others will remain "loony" conspiracy theorists because we don't trust our government.

Same scenario with JFK. They blew his brains out on national television. They wanted everyone to see, especially anyone who was one of them (like he was) and might be thinking about betraying them as he did. He was pandering to the people and they couldn't have that. They would never allow another Kennedy in the White House. John said in a speech at Columbia University, I think it was 10 days before his assassination that the "American people's freedoms were in jeopardy and before I leave office..." He knew they were going to kill him.

I think they intended on killing him that day from the Bell Tower, but he foiled the plan with his speech. However, they had to get rid of him as quickly after that speech as they could.

Chaos, confusion, distraction.

They practiced mind control heavily on my generation. They put my generation through hell. Drugs, Viet Nam.

The CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the world; funding their black ops. They control the Mafia. The Mafia is merely the middleman. Sex, pedophile, prostitution, child sex slave rings, all courtesy of the CIA.

I don't trust my government not only for the reasons I have stated above or any other statements I have made on this site.

I don't trust my government because of their victimization of me in MKULTRA/Project Monarch. Project Monarch is a "satanic cult."

Project Monarch has never been acknowledged by anyone within the government other than ex CIA director Colby once stating that yes it existed, but it's over now.


Colby drowned on his boat and he was about to divulge information about POW's and drug rings from what I understand. Maybe some connection to Colin Powell.
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