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alumbrado wrote: Thousands years ago, peoples did not have any real understanding of themselves, in terms of mental, psychological, emotional and physical conditions these people were under. Life was pretty hard and short for them. They were susceptible to nature's wrath, often seeking favors or protections from the gods/goddesses they've invented in order to compensate the lacks of any scientific or rational understanding of the world and nature. The only people who possessed true knowledge and understanding of that in the ancient times were the priests or the priest-kings.

This says it all to me.

The belief that Science and Ratio is superior to Traditional and Ancient knowledge.

This view confirms the belief in an evolutionary progress for the better, which is a typical sign of Intellectual and Spiritual stagnation.

Additionally, it confirms the Marxist belief that the Ancient priests and priest-kings usurped the power to rule over people and used it for their own material excesses, implying that ALL rulers use force, oppression and terror to rule.

The superiority of one Man over another in Ancient times did not have anything to do with physical might but a superiority of SPIRIT and SOUL.

Considering the stagnation of sovereignity in modern times; Julius Evola:

"...whenever we witness in history the triumph of a sovereignity and of a unity presiding over multiplicity in a merely material, direct, and political way - intervening everywhere, abolishing the autonomy of single groups, leveling in an absolutist fashion every right and every privilege, and altering and imposing a common will [Marx's "the common mind" Draken] on various ethnic groups - then there cannot be any authentic imperial power since what we are dealing with is no longer an organism but a mechanism; this type is best represented by the modern national and centralizing states. Whenever a monarch has descended to such a lower plane, in other words,wherever he, in losing his spiritual function, has promoted absolutism and a political and material centralization by emancipating himself from any bond owed to sacred authority, humiliating the feudal nobility, and taking over those powers that were previously distributed among the aristocracy - such a monarch has dug his own grave, having brought upon himself ominous consequences...

In Ancient times rulers and sovereigns were TRULY superior, being "twice born".

"If the 'imperialist' adventures of modern times have failed miserably, often bringing to ruin the peoples that promoted them, or if they have been transformed into calamities of different kinds, the cause is precisely the absence of any authentically spiritual, metapolitical, and metanationalistic element; that is replaced instead with the violence of a stronger power that nonetheless is of the same nature as those minor powers it attempts to subdue. If an empire is not a SACRED empire it is not an empire at all, but rather something resembling a cancer within a system comprised of the distinct functions of a living organism.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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