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Default Re: Club conspiracy is closing????

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2007 5:41 PM


Subject: Dr. Makow i can pay for clubconspiracy

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I can put one hundred dollars to pay for the yearly dues, but, I would rather
not have this forum moderated, since I believe that to be a form of censorship,
we may argue alot here and rant and rave, but in the end freedom of speech is
more valuable to society than censorship and moderation, in my opinion.


People, we may argue relentlessly toward each other, but it is what it is, A conspiracy forum, and I sure will miss it. Moderation would be the Nail on the Coffin here. get a grip people! And personally, I NEVER POST ON ANY CONSPIRACY FORUM that is moderated, that would be like being shackled, (I know some of you wish this) but again your wrong, and I'm right..LOL :-)

The other forums on the web suck!
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