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Default Henry posted this reply ...

"Stuart said (May 03, 2005):

Just read your article on the drug culture.

I understand you are driven to write what you do, because you respect truth/justice.....and also God is love.

When will you realise that you are going about what you wish to see the wrong way.

Please consider thinking on love - and love alone.

Let the clutter and noise fall away.

Write about love and invoke the senses.

"there is nothing in the intellect, that was not first in the SENSES" - aristotle. fuels peace (proveable)

there is nothing to fear, for love knows no fear (but knows of it)

the trick is.....don't allow the negativity of others be your your own game, afterall, you did invent play the game of love.

Peace is love understood. Love is the cause, peace the effect.

Since world governments talk about peace, freedom and liberty......aspects of love.....why aren't any talking about love?...surely this would be vital?

you could try this website for inspiration

art2: "I think, therefore, I am" - Descartes....."be"

"fear will be mankinds' greatest setback" - Sirach

si2 - biblical abbreviation, Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach.

fear is reverse psychology of self on the unconscious mind (a psychological weapon)

free fear, disable the weapon.

if you free your fears, you will ultimately acquire bliss.

God is far from love is fear?

What propaganda is to war, art is to peace, for their is duality in all things.

(diamond theory proves it, and also proves that philosophy is the first science)....thought comes before action.

stART the pARTy - its about love.

love is affects the sense of beauty....."there is nothing in the intellect, that was not first in the SENSES" - Aristotle.

BE LOVE, and you will see Gods' beauty.

To see is to sense, and ultimately know.

The world is coming into consciousness.

Love stu"

Give me a freaking break!

Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, Alice Bailey & World Goodwill.

As the Bozo Urban Legand goes, "Cram it, clown!"

We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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