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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You're not improving Club Conspiracy.

You are removing every post I make.


Therefore, you are not that which you say you represent and I didn't.

Freedom of speech.

I thank you for your constant input to ClubConspiracy. Your contributions are valued to us.

However your posts were removed for the following reasons:
  • They were off topic
  • You threatened a super moderator

The bannings do not worry me as I have submitted my list to the Community Liason Officer as to who I deem to have been harshly treated and unfairly banned and hopefully in the coming days with his approval and the approval of Crowd Gather we will see some of these people returning.

As previously mentioned I thank you for your continued contribution.

Warmest Regards,
Agent Mulder