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Default Re: So, who is the New Moderator?

Originally Posted by agent_mulder View Post
Once again I value your contribution to and your point of views.

However I am the Super Moderator and I don't take orders from others. I was asked to do something by my CLO and that is what I have done, I have provided a list of members I would like to see unbanned which is what I was asked to do and that is it.

I looked through their posts and some I (me, myself, the only person who can tell me what my opinion should be) deemed that a ban was excessive and requested they be unbanned.

As with the other thread I respect your opinion, the bannings and unbannings are my opinion, and I value your input however this thread will be closed as it was started to talk about who the new moderator is, that moderator is me and so the question is answered.

I don't see the point in continued discussion as I am the Super Moderator in charge now and that answers the questions. The only reason I am leaving it open is incase any of our other Community Members would like to chip in their two cents before it's closed.
I didn't order you to do anything.

However, I suggest you keep this thread open.