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Default Re: I love bush, but I hate george

If you click on the "source" link the little article concludes by saying that the CIA dumped the program because they found it "unethical." That's great, but what about MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, MONARCH, etc? Are these programs just an elaborate paradox of face to appear mean and high-tech to the enemy? Are they afraid of the organized satanists and have to get their hands dirty to understand and contain them? I mean, what gives?
While I believe that there are those within the CIA who are still not rogue or in any way supportive of the evil, satanic globalist agenda perpetrated by the "shadow government", sadly, I have also noted that it is almost impossible to be hired within the CIA or any other governmental agency without Freemasonic membership. And we know what that blood oath means about ratting out your brethren; in fact, it even commands a Freemason to conceal the crimes of a fellow member.
I am afraid this is all the explanation you need to understand why whistleblowers like Sybil Edmonds are such a rare and wonderful commodity.
The system is rigged from the getgo by the Freemasonic, Satanic Illuminati. No real "goy" are permitted to ascend to any levels of tangible power, since they might present a threat to the secrecy essential to this conspiracy.
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