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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

My main remedy to my anger about what's going on is to inform people and try to help them see the light before it's too late. Not an easy job at all, but at least it releases my anger in a positive direction instead of feeling overwhelming depression.
I know what you mean. Spreading knowledge about the nwo is just a hobby, and what I can say is that I have spent more hours in the past few years talking in the net and spreding info about the nwo than studying for school! I feel embarrassed about saying that since school is supposed to be more important. I am more motivated to talk about the nwo and post articles in forums where people are newbies to all this, than to actually study for my classes and that is wrong! but then again I remember 'what's the point' like you said.

"It is true: you will no longer know the happiness of a faithful and tailwagging dog that comes from acknowledging a master above itself, whom it must serve. But ask yourself this question: now that you're a man, would you trade places with your own dog?"
That is a great post! My mother has asked me many times "what happened to you that you became so serious"? Finding about the nwo made me lose that spark, that happiness of....being ignorant and not knowing the horrible truth about our world! I used to talk a lot, always joking, happy, then finding out about the nwo made me become serious and shy. I went from happy class clown, to quiet, serious perfect behavior (well, maybe that was a good thing? :lol:

Do you people remember the days before you knew about the nwo, and how you were back then? have you changed? have you become more serious, do you smile less, talk less?
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