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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

I laugh a lot more, believe it or not.

Life is usually a joke so you may as well laugh when you can.

I am more determined than ever to achieve the goals I have set for myself and my family. I can recognize the bullshit so now I try to side-step whenever possible.

Hurdles to stepping stones. Yeah, they've fcuked me up a few times and I'm still standing. I'm still here charging forward. My life has been getting better the more that I steer my own ship in the direction that I have chosen. It's my life. I'm gonna enjoy it and fcuk them.

The Satanists can be miserable and deny God's beautiful wonder called life. God's children know what a joy just to be alive truly is. We'll all wake up to the truth, sooner or later. Some may wake during a lifetime and others after death, I guess.

Life is all about what your perceptions are, the paradigms you see the world through and the openess of your heart to see the truth. A positive outlook goes a long way, in my books.

I plan my life to do what I want to do to earn the money to do what I want to do. It hardly ever goes according to plan and I still maintain my course towards my destination.

My mood is my choice and I am learning not to let others effect my mood, unless I choose for that to happen. I very sensitive to my environment and an artist by nature. I am also very sensitive to other people and their moods/emotions. I have long been able to sense most emotions.I guess I would class myself as somewhat empathic like Troy on Enterpise. Maybe I'm just a feak of nature and I think it's in our human nature - our divine nature I propose. Compassion.

I believed humanity is destined to become a compassionate species. The only thing suppression and oppression create is one huge response from the rumblings of discontent just beneath the surface. Canadians are suicidal - no.1 killer. Why? Why are so many people so hopeless?

Who are the hopeful?
Where are the hopeful?

Is there any hope to be shown or found anywhere in the lamestream media or the satanic agenda? No, of course not. The hope has to come from within. A strong hope that God will see you through come what may. A knowledge that everything has a season and all of creation is changing - nothing is constant, only God.

The delight of knowing that God runs this show and as such the truth always comes to light? If you want to believe that God is gonna destroy us, fill your boots - not my bag. Isn't Satan the God of destruction?

God the all merciful creator. Is destruction merciful? All things end eventually and new things take their place - that's called the passage of time - the grace of God. Nothing stays the same forever - except God. God wants to lift us, he's not out to destroy us. It's us who, in here, who is on a self-destructive path and tries to blame them out there for acknowledging their illusion of a grandiose self-destructive path/plan.

Be a salmon. Swim upstream. Come back to yourself and what brings you joy and laughter - a God-given lifetime to enjoy or curse.

I try to focus on the joy is what I'm saying. I'm also no longer naive to the ugly side. I understand only a little and it's all too ugly. I can spot it when I see it and I avoid it like the plague.

They're just a bunch of moronic bullshitters who will inevitably come unstuck - such are satan's minions. Rise above their world and try to find your mind a happier place to be. A walk in the park and a serious contemplation over a tree or some other aspect of nature will usually do the trick of grounding out the bad vibes back into the earth and clearing the mind of ugly thoughts.

A walk in the breeze can take the world off your shoulders unless you're determined enough in your own mind to remain miserable.

Your mood and your mindset are your responsibility to program. Don't let someone or something else train your thoughts towards their ends.

Focus your mind on what you want to do or what you want to learn and do it. Your life is your responsibility. Sucks to be grown up.

What makes you happy in yourself?
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