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Originally Posted by CharlotteMary9 View Post
Maxwell is interesting to listen to, a good scary storyteller, and doubtless has some true information. But beware obsessiveness--it gets in the way of truth. There was one gentleman on a talk show who talked about the symbols used in U.S. money, monuments, government architecture, etc. He traced a clear, historic line to show how it came about. He said he didn't know why Jordan Maxwell kept insisting on a certain word etymology that clearly was not true. He respected some of Maxwell's research, but Maxwell looks at what he looks at, already knowing what he's going to see. Or rather the motivations behind what he is going to see. He also said once that the evil Masonic intent was to destroy Christianity. And I thought, whoah--that's appears to be on your agenda, bud.
I am only slightly less paranoid towards the "illuminati" than he is, but as I said, obsessiveness and fanaticism are enemies of truth, not proponents. Why on earth does every symbol going have to have been put in place by some nefarious person. Why does he assume that everyone who ever had any influence on such things is out to get everybody else?
Swallowed whole and without discrimination, his info gets toxic.
what is your view on the bridge he and others are trying to build between the abrahamic religions and the eastern religions??? I'm incredibly frustatrated by this and once saw a woman on youtube who claimed that Krishna was a spin off of horus (which I think is bullshit according to my research) and said that the information wasn't on wikipedia but you had to do 'real' research on location for that shit. So I'm basicaly stuck right here it is very importart for the truth movement to understand the importance of a connection between the abrahamic religions and hinduism since it could almost make or break the entire thesis that all religions are spin offs of horus. If we all concentrate on that and get the truth out we are a step further wouldnn't you agree?
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