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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

Nobody in any government agency has the manpower or willpower or budget to go after every single potential loose citizen who "might" be a threat to their hegemony. They only go after the big fish, the people who really threaten them (in tangible ways), and then usually proceed to make very public examples of them so as to terrorize the population into submission. But the fact is that all totalitarians rely more on the image and threat of force, then they actually do on force itself (or in other words, the implied threat of force is ALWAYS wider and broader in scope than the actual PHYSICAL use of force).

Don't believe the lies that the government is monitoring every last piece of communication and spying in on someone, etc.. *perhaps* they do have the technology/equipment to capture every last piece of communication (although even this I highly, highly doubt, just from an economics and cost-of-computing standpoint.. you'd basically have to replicate the entire communications grid off in some secret government basement somewhere and keep it up to date in real-time, which I believe is extremely unlikely), and .. even supposing that they do have such technology, they simply don't have the manpower to sift through it all..

Again, it's more about public show of force and intimidation than anything.. I've been to a number of hacker conferences (e.g., 2600, etc) and invariably they always have some "spook" from NSA or CIA come up and give some presentation -- someone who "pretends" to be on "your side" -- but he's "warning" you about all the "powers" that the government has to spy on you, etc.. The fact is, the files that the government does keep on most Americans are soo out of date (or wildly, wildly inaccurate) as to be laughable, or else (even more often) these spooks are simply flat-out lying to you .. to create the IMAGE that they have more power than they really do and terrify you (if in a "friendly" way) into submission..

Also, never forget this: the number of Washington Insiders who are *truly* connected w/ the Satanic Illuminati, etc, probably does not number more than 1,000 people or so.. that leaves about 250 million of us. The numbers are anything but in their favor. Don't ever forget that..

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