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Default Re: Hi, new here. Have stupid questions. Trust no one.

Dear Billy,

Just what could our Masters ACTUALLY do to stop us?

1) Lock us up for what?

2) Ban the site...under what law?**

3) Kill us all...hmmmm, some one might notice. Hard to trace us. "Practically" impossible.

**Actually you'd be all for a law would'nt you? And thats the point. "They" ARE seeking too ban "us". And baby **Fur Seal** huggers such as yourself will clap your hands as the Ministry Of Love, under the auspicious's of the free love for all U.N, march us to the gulags. You will even cheer! And that is why I HATE the stupid Left slightly more than the stupid Right.

**I have nothing against Baby Fur Seals personally as long as they keep their filthy agenda to themselves. Innocent looking? Not the ones I know.**

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